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Your product is amazing, we have been using it for some time, I wish I had thought of it! We do a lot of tapered insulation installations which almost always requires that the vent pipes be extended to a higher elevation to accommodate the taper and this is a lot easier, less expensive and faster than the old method of a PVC coupling which usually also required the use of a larger lead stack. The roofing consultants we have interacted with on projects that required extension of the vent stack also approved it quickly as they also see it as a way to save their clients money and still maintain a high quality detail. Good Job!"

Darrick Gockerell
PSI Roofing & Restorations, President

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TUBOS® are pre-fabricated plumbing vent pipe extensions. Tubos, patent pending, is the Fastest, Cheapest, and Strongest Method For Extending Your Roof Pipes...GUARANTEED

User friendly plumbing vent pipe extensions to be installed at any location where the plumbing vent pipe height above the existing level of the finished roof system surface does not or will not comply with applicable building code minimum requirements.

Old Way vs Tubos Way


  • Ease of Installation: No special tools are required to size and install TUBOS® securely into openings of existing plumbing vent pipes. Standard hand tools (tape measure, manual or portable battery powered saw, caulk gun) are all that is needed for installation.
  • Design Simplicity: TUBOS® are manufactured for use with standard diameter vent pipes. TUBOS® are prefabricated with integral six-inch long pipe joint splice sleeve inserts at each end of every unit.
  • Economical: Each TUBOS® can be used for two installations. After one end of the TUBOS® is cut and installed, the opposite end can be retained for future installation at another pipe of the same diameter. No fabrication time and minimal installation labor lets you quickly get on with your project.
  • Average time to install...3 mins.
  • Average material savings...35 dollars...EACH





Place your Tubos in the existing vent stack.

Measure and mark height required by code.

Cut at your mark.

Put sealant between Tubos and existing pipe.

Place your lead boot over pipe, or seal directly to TPO/PVC roof.

Completed, with another Tubos left over for the next application. Fits in PVC or Cast Iron pipes.


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